Laser Treatment For Cold Sores - Everything You Need To Know

Laser Treatment For Cold Sores - Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes, people may develop bothersome, aching, and uncomfortable cold sores or fever blisters, which usually grow and develop on the upper layer of the skin, around the lips and mouth region. Scientifically, a cold sore or oral herpes is called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1). They usually start as reddish and yellowish blisters that tingle and leak a contagious, clear fluid. After a few weeks, it scars and disappears.  

In the past, there were no specific treatments for the condition. Hence, people had to wait for the sores to heal on their own. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology, laser treatments can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with cold sores and decrease healing time. 

What Causes Cold Sores?

Cold sores develop as a result of HSV-1, and most often, they develop due to a trigger.  

The major triggers for cold sores are as follows:

  • Sun exposure

  • Stress

  • Traumatic injury

  • Compromised Immune System

Cold sores can redevelop in the same region even after it heals. However, treating them in their initial stages with advanced therapies from West Reno Dental can extend the time between the cold sore occurrences or stop their return.  

Symptoms of Cold Sores

Usually, cold sores involve the following symptoms:

  • Tingling and itching:The condition begins as tingling, burning, or itching sensation near the lips or mouth.Later, the patient develops a tiny, aching spot, and a blister erupts. 

  • Blisters:Blisters develop around the lip borders or even inside the mouth, nose, or cheeks and contain fluid. 

  • Oozing and crusting:When theblisters merge and burst, they may lead to superficial open sores that bleed. 

How are Cold Sores treated?

Cold sores will self-heal and disappear within a few weeks even if they are not treated. However, they can be treated if they trouble you, cause pain, or affect your self-confidence.

There are several treatments available for cold sores - like ointments, skin creams, and pills. Though these treatments can reduce uncomfortable symptoms, they do not speed up the healing time. 

At West Reno Dental, we offer a more effective treatment to address cold sores through laser therapy.

Laser Treatment For Cold Sores

Treatment of cold sores with laser is most effective in the first 48 hours following the outset. So, it is recommended to get the laser treatment at the very first instance of the tingling or burning sensation.

Cold sores treatment with the laser includes using the diode laser, which busts the nerve cells of the virus to provide instant relief. Besides, the treatment also boosts collagen production, thus speeding up the healing process.

Benefits of a Cold Sore Treatment with Laser

  • Laser energy impedes the virus that leads to the sore

  • Immediate relief and faster healing

  • Stops the advancement of the lesion

  • Treatment can be completed in just a few minutes without any needles

  • Though some sores may return even after the treatment, they come with less intensity and frequency

West Reno Dental is equipped with the best dental technology to treat cold sores effectively. Dial (775) 323-4054 and book an appointment with us.


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