Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Needed

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Needed

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars, usually appearing in the late teens or early twenties. Most people do not have enough room in their jawline for their wisdom teeth to come in straight, which can cause them to become impacted and must be removed. This is a very common procedure and is performed on thousands of patients each year.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems, including infections of the gum and jaw, damage to neighboring teeth, cysts, and even tumors. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent these problems from occurring and help to restore your oral health back to its former glory!

Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth

Your dentist may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed to prevent future complications or for any other reason. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth removed because of impaction, teeth crowding, and gum disease. Removing these molars will help with tooth decay and chewing issues in the future.

Impaction occurs when there isn’t enough space in the mouth for a tooth to erupt correctly into its correct position. This can cause your teeth to become misaligned. It can also increase the risk of decay. If your dentist recommends removing your impacted wisdom tooth as soon as possible, then it’s best to follow through with the treatment. Leaving an impacted tooth in place could lead to further problems if the tooth becomes infected or it starts to crowd neighboring teeth.

Crowding is another common reason why many people choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted. When your third molars start to come in, they may need to force themselves between your second molars. This can lead to misalignment and overcrowding. Having your wisdom teeth extracted before they become a problem can help you prevent poor oral health in the future.

Finally, if you have gum disease, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed to help prevent further damage. Gum disease can affect all your teeth, including your third molars. It can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. However, if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain due to infection or gum disease, then it’s necessary to remove them immediately to prevent further damage. Talk with your dentist to see if they recommend having your wisdom teeth removed.

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