Wisdom Tooth Removal: All You Need to Know

Wisdom Tooth Removal: All You Need to Know

Wisdom Tooth Removal is a common surgical, dental procedure performed to extract an impacted or damaged wisdom tooth. The procedure is vital to alleviate the extreme pain caused by the dental condition. The dentists of West Reno Dental have listed down a few of the most asked queries regarding Wisdom Tooth Removal.

Who is a candidate for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

There are several dental conditions that make a person a candidate for wisdom tooth removal. If there is no space for the eruption of wisdom teeth in the mouth, the dentists suggest an extraction procedure. It helps to avoid overcrowding which can eventually lead to misalignment of the teeth.

Some patients experience extreme pain when the tooth is impacted. It may also cause infections due to which the dentists instruct the patient to undergo an extraction process. 

What are the two types of Extraction methods for Wisdom teeth?

There are two types of extraction methods that are advised for the removal of wisdom teeth.

  • Surgical Extraction: It is a procedure that is advised for patients when their wisdom tooth has not erupted for the gums. The dentist uses dental tools to make an incision in the gums and extract the tooth out.
  • Simple Extraction:Patients who have an impacted wisdom tooth in the mouth undergo a simple extraction procedure. The tooth is shaken and removed from the socket with the help of dental tools. 

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?

Before initiating the procedure, the dentists administer local anesthesia in the extraction site, which helps numb the treatment area. It helps to avoid any pain or discomfort caused by the procedure. After the anesthesia wears off, the patient may experience pain and discomfort which can be reduced with the help of over the counter medications prescribed by the dentist. 

Is aftercare necessary post-extraction?

The dentists advise the patient to follow aftercare instructions which aid in the recovery process. The patient should relax for 24 hours after the extraction process and limit physical activity that may exert pressure on the area of treatment. Damaging habits like smoking should be avoided as it may cause complications. The extraction site must be exempted from brushing, instead, the patient should rinse thoroughly with water until the recovery. 

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