Dental Crowns in West Reno, NV

With over three decades of dental experience, we are one of the leading cosmetic and general family dentists in the Reno area. When it comes to dental crowns, you can trust in his quality of care.  

graphic image of how a dental crowns are placed on the toothAt West Reno Dental, we recommend porcelain dental crowns to restore your tooth’s function and attractive appearance.  This form of restoration completely covers your natural tooth above the gumline. Our team recommends this treatment when damage to your tooth is of such an extent that fillings are no longer an option.

When your tooth has…

  • A large, failed dental filling
  • Severe, deep cavities
  • Been treated with root canal therapy
  • Been broken, fractured or has excessive wear
  • An unsightly, discolored appearance

… a porcelain dental crown might be the best option to restore your tooth.

Why Choose A Porcelain Dental Crown?

When it comes to restoring your tooth’s function and beauty, we use quality porcelain to create your new tooth cap.  Your restoration is custom crafted to perfectly blend into your smile.

“I work with an absolutely fantastic lab technician who works exclusively with a limited number of dentists.  He’s been sculpting restorations for over 30 years and he’s less than half of a mile from my office.  If we need to consult with him, he’s right here.  If I’m doing anterior crowns and the optimal shade isn’t obvious, he’s down here as quick as I can call him.”

You’ll find that your dental crown is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Porcelain has a luminous quality, yet it withstands the force of daily biting and chewing, day after day.  With such durability, it preserves and protects your remaining healthy tooth from external factors that cause more damage over time.  They’re also the perfect choice to replace missing teeth, when applied over a dental implant.

Questions About Dental Crowns?

If your old crown detracts from your smile or if your tooth needs the protection of a full-coverage restoration, call us to schedule a consultation!

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