Dental Veneers in West Reno, NV

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain or composite that we place over your tooth in order to improve its appearance. We frequently use them to correct discrepancies in tooth size, shape, and color. The process takes two visits to complete. 

“Veneers can restore your tooth size, spacing, and make your smile look whatever color you want it to be.”

Visit One

Image of a man getting dental veneers places on his teeth.During the first visit, we will gently remove a small surface layer of your enamel - typically less than 1/2 of a millimeter (about the thickness of a fingernail). Then, we take an impression of your bite and send it to our dental laboratory where the veneers are made. A set of plastic temporary veneers is worn over your teeth while the porcelain ones are being fashioned.

Visit Two

During your second visit, about 10 days later, we bond each of the veneers to your teeth. After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, a special type of dental cement affixes the veneer to the porous enamel. A bright light cures it into place permanently.

“I recently completed a case on a woman who didn’t like the way her teeth looked. The spaces between them really bothered her. We did a bit of laser gingival recontouring and used veneers to close up the spaces. She was ecstatic when she saw how it looked!”

Same Day Dental Veneers

In some cases, our team also provides direct composite dental veneers. These aesthetic restorations are designed while you are in our office, and take just one visit to complete.

Are veneers right for you? Call us today at our West Reno dentist office to find out more about what veneers can do for your smile!

check out our dental bonding to fix minor imperfections at a fraction of the cost.

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