Laser Dentistry in West Reno, NV

Our experienced West Reno dental team loves working with lasers! The advancement of soft tissue technology allows him to provide a variety of comfortable procedures using laser dentistry that enhances the quality of oral health for our patients.

Cold Sore Removal

Hand holding a typical device used for laser dentistry services. Some people get cold sores on a frequent basis. When they do, they typically feel a little itching or burning sensation at the site of the sore before it actually pops up. It’s key to call us right away once you feel this happening.

We will laser the area for about 3 minutes, and the lesion doesn’t get nearly as big as it would had it not been treated. It typically heals much faster as well.

“If it's the first time you're having a cold sore lasered, come in for half off on your treatment. You'll be a believer! After that, it's just a $50 treatment for future cold sores. Come see just how good it is!”

Soft Tissue Surgery

Do you have a gummy smile? Do your gumlines cover areas of the tooth that need to be accessed during a crown treatment? We can use lasers to recontour the gingiva along the front of your smile, to give you a healthier, fuller, more even smile.

“I typically only use a drop of anesthetic; just a very small amount. When we use the laser as opposed to a scalpel, things are done very easily and there’s very little or no post operative pain whatsoever.”

Frenum Treatments

The tight skin just under the tongue or behind the lips is called the frenum. If it’s too tight, it can cause receding gumlines or interfere with speech. Tight frenums may even keep teeth spaced apart during orthodontic treatment. With a laser, we can quickly release the tense tissues without the discomfort of conventional surgery.

Questions About Laser Dentistry Services?

Find out how lasers can help your smile be healthier, more beautiful, and pain-free. Call West Reno Dental today!

Laser Dentistry can be used with our oral surgery services to provide a more comfortable and faster healing process.

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