Pediatric Dentistry in West Reno, NV

At West Reno Dental, we’ve been delivering family-friendly dentistry for over 30 years. Instead of searching out a pediatric dentist, many people bring their kids to us for our pediatric dentistry services!

We’re Great With Kids

Our team prefers to start seeing children at the age of 3. Our hygienists are great with kids, and have a knack for helping them feel comfortable during their cleaning or checkup. We want their visit to be “fun,” and tailor the process so that it’s age-appropriate.

Protective Sealants and Fluoride

Getting your child off to the right start can help them avoid problems with their smile in the future. That’s why we recommend a fluoride treatment after each cleaning - to make enamel strong and cavity-resistant.

Sealants can be applied to the permanent molars after they erupt, usually around the ages of 6 and 12. These protective plastic coatings make it easier to keep teeth clean. They also block out cavities from forming in the deep grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces.

Athletic Guards

If your child is involved in sports, there’s always a risk of dental trauma or concussion. Wearing a custom fitted guard can protect them better than anything available over the counter.

Orthodontic Evaluations

teenagers happy with conventional bracesWe carefully monitor the bite development and eruption patterns of your child’s smile from a young age. This allows us to pinpoint areas where a little help may be needed to avoid future bite discrepancies.

Pediatric Dentistry for Kids

If your child needs a cavity filled, don’t worry. We can help! He uses small, white fillings that bond well with both primary (baby) and adult teeth. Plus, they blend in with your child’s smile.

If your child is nervous, we also offer “laughing gas” if they need it to relax. But they might be more tuned out with the cartoon playing on the screen above them!

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