Blog: The Benefits of Invisalign®

blog topHave you been considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or one of your children? Invisalign is a great way to enjoy straight teeth in the most convenient and hygienic manner possible.

Why would someone choose Invisalign over conventional braces?  Here are 3 reasons:


With Invisalign, there are no rough wires or brackets that get in the way of eating or flossing. Each set of braces is made of clear, removable aligners that are molded to fit your teeth very precisely. The smoothness of the aligners allows you to talk without discomfort or alteration of your speech.


What could be more convenient than having braces that come in and out for you, so that you can eat whatever you want? Traditional braces come with dietary restrictions because of the possibility of breaking an appliance. Invisalign wants you to take the aligners out, eat whatever you want, and then put them right back in!

Ease of Care

blog bottomOne of the hardest things for people in braces to do is to keep their teeth clean. How many times have you seen someone with white circles on their teeth after their braces came off? Those are actually signs that the teeth weren’t brushed well enough. Since Invisalign is removable, you just take them out to brush and floss as normal.


You can’t talk about Invisalign without pointing out the fact that they’re nearly invisible to everyone else. For teens, parents, or busy professionals - clear braces are a top priority! Most people will never even realize that they’re there.

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