Wisdom Teeth Extractions in West Reno, NV

When to Pull a Wisdom Tooth

WISDOM TEETH TOPYour “wisdom teeth” are the 3rd and final set of molars that erupt in the back of the mouth. They typically erupt sometime in the mid-teen years, but can even form well into the late 20s.

Unfortunately, many people experience problems with their 3rd molars. Why? Because they erupt very close to, or impact against, their other teeth. This can cause problems with crowding, improper bite relationships, and infection.

If the wisdom teeth never erupt fully, they are considered “impacted.” This can cause pain, swelling, and be harmful to your oral health. Most people experience severe discomfort, inflammation, and food getting caught around the area where the tooth is coming through the gums. They are very difficult to keep clean, due to their location.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Dr. Paschal recommends having wisdom teeth extracted prior to them causing more serious problems. If he sees that they are impacted on an x-ray, we can make plans as to what course of action is most appropriate.

Many of our patients are able to have their extractions completed right here in our office, without needing to visit an oral surgeon (however, more complex cases may need to be referred out).

What to Expect

First, we numb the area around the wisdom tooth before removing it. This prevents any discomfort during the actual procedure. Most people feel just a bit of pressure. Fortunately, Dr. Paschal is very gentle, and uses strong anesthetics that keep the affected area numb. You can also distract yourself by watching a TV show on the screen mounted just above your seat!

Your Recovery

x-ray of patient's left wisdom tooth before extractionAfter your procedure, we recommend avoiding tobacco products, drinking through a straw, carbonated beverages, and aggressive brushing/rinsing for at least two weeks. Otherwise the site may not heal properly. In some cases, we may also prescribe a mild pain reliever.

Do you or your teen need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Call our West Reno office for a free consultation.

We also perform extractions for severely decayed teeth.