Dentures in West Reno, NV

Denture Options Available

happy female patient after receiving partial denturesDentures are worn by millions of Americans to replace their missing teeth. Recent advancements in denture materials allow us to create a lightweight prosthesis that mimics both the look and feel of your natural teeth. Most dentures are made with a combination of both synthetic materials, as well as metal.

Types of Prosthesis

Partial Dentures

These smaller prosthetics are designed to cover just a small area of your mouth, where the missing section of teeth is located. They prevent your healthy natural teeth from shifting, while preserving both function and cosmetic appearance. The pinkish-plastic bases blend in with your gums, and clasp around your existing teeth. Their color makes them more difficult to detect when you smile.

Full Dentures

Generally, we use full dentures to replace an entire set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Conventional dentures are also called “immediate” dentures, meaning the prosthesis can be worn immediately after any natural teeth have been removed. Using a mold of your mouth and jaws, we can create a temporary customized denture that is available during the same appointment as the extractions. It is a comfortable, serviceable denture that you will wear while you wait for your final prosthesis to arrive to our office.

In most cases, we deliver a permanent new denture in two weeks. It is important to note, however, that immediate dentures typically need to be relined several months later, to fit them to your adjusted gum tissues. Otherwise, the denture may start to feel as if it doesn’t fit quite right. At West Reno Dental, your reline and adjustment 6 months later is included with the price of the denture.

Denture Repairs

full denture display used during patient consultationIf you have broken a denture, even if it is one that we didn’t make for you, Dr. Paschal may be able to assist you in repairing it.

Caring for your prosthesis can help it fit better, longer. Remember to remove it each night to soak it in a cleansing solution, and then brush it thoroughly the next morning.

Need a new set of dentures? Call our West Reno dentist today! We also offer implant restoration services.