Gum disease therapy in Reno, NV

Gum disease therapy in Reno, NV

Gum disease is an infection of the gums’ lining that can spread to the bone that holds and supports someone’s teeth. Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, is caused by bacterial proliferation in the mouth. Bacteria in the dental plaque (microbial biofilm) that accumulates on the teeth cause transient inflammation of the gingiva, leading to the entire gum and surrounding tissue being infected. 

What Does a Gum Therapy Procedure Entail?

When indicators of gum disease are apparent, gum therapy, also known as scaling and root planing or a thorough cleaning, treats the area near the gum line. 

  • Deep Cleaning

This is done in the first step in gum therapy where your dentist will remove the plaque or tartar that hardens the tooth surface from below and above the gum line. This is usually a preventive care process that prevents patients from getting gum disease.

  • Root Planing and Scaling

Plaque and tartar will be cleaned off from above and below the gum line, then the rough spots are smoothed out. This is also a deep cleaning process. The only difference is that you will be given local anesthesia to start the process. An electric or ultrasonic instrument may be used to perform the scaling treatment. The hygienist will also perform a root planing operation, which entails leveling out your dental roots to assist the gums in reattaching to your tooth. The polishing process aids in the removal of microorganisms. This is mostly done if your dentist discovers calculus buildup beneath your gums.

  • Proper Gums Care

Brush your teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush or even a soft-bristled toothbrush after your gum treatment cleaning to prevent a recurrence. You should also floss regularly and consume a nutritious, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and veggies. 

You should also refrain from using cigarette items and minimize your alcohol intake. And it is critical to see your dentist regularly to keep your teeth clean and check for signs of new pocket formation. This is particularly essential because early intervention can help you avoid the need for future gum therapy.

Using Periprotect trays

The bacteria-causing infection hides beneath the gums and becomes hard to remove using toothbrushes or floss. But with the help of a Perioprotect tray, you can treat gum disease at the comfort of your home. This tray looks a lot like a mouthguard and transfers medicine under the gums through its special sealing system. It is customized to fit perfectly over your teeth and deliver medicine effectively to the deeper gum pockets to treat the affected gum tissue.

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