Implant Restorations in Reno, NV

Implant Restorations in Reno, NV

Implant restoration is arguably the best step to take after one has lost their tooth. It includes an implant that acts as an artificial root and is fixed inside the jawbone. 

The procedure for Implant restorations is done in multiple stages. It may take months to heal during the treatment. In this article, we will discuss implant restorations in detail.

The Procedure of Implant Restorations

Before getting the dental restoration, you have to schedule an appointment with the dentist. During this appointment, the dental professional will check whether you are in good health and the jawbone is dense enough to support the implants. Then, in the next appointment, the dentist will perform surgery to fix the implant in the jawbone.

The dentist will then wait for a few months to allow the bone to heal and integrate with the implant. Then, after the healing process is over, the next stage involves attaching the abutment. It is skewed into the implant and supports the dental crown. 

The last state involves a crown that is either cemented or screwed to the implant. It takes two appointments to place the dental crowns. In the first, an impression is taken to provide you with a custom-fitted crown. After the prosthetic is ready, you will have to pay another visit to the dental clinic for the last step. In this visit, the dentist will check the fittings and complete them by fitting them to the abutment. For the first few days, you will be asked to avoid hard or crunchy foods to help keep the prosthetics fixed in place appropriately.

Aftercare for Implant Restorations

Your dentist may recommend you to follow the following things after the restoration of implants:

  • Avoid eating hot, hard, or crunchy foods.
  • Do not brush the site too vigorously.
  • Always keep the mouth and the site clean.
  • Switch to solid food gradually.

Every person has to go through the recovery period of implant restoration to make the implant function properly. When you follow the advice of your dentist carefully, you help to speed up the recovery process.

So, if you are not feeling good concerning the missing tooth, implant restoration is the only procedure you need. 

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