Wisdom teeth removal in Reno, NV

Wisdom teeth removal in Reno, NV

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a reasonably common procedure, with up to a million wisdom teeth extracted every year around the world. However, many are unfamiliar with wisdom teeth and how they are removed. The removal of one or more of the four permanent adult teeth located in the rear of the mouth is known as wisdom tooth extraction.

About Wisdom Teeth

On average, these teeth, also known as third molars, emerge in adolescence. By the age of 16, your child's dentist will most likely have completed an initial evaluation for them. Because most mouths are too small to accommodate four extra teeth, wisdom teeth are frequently removed. 

So, why would we have them if most mouths don't have enough room for them? While we aren't using them today, most researchers believe they remained important for our forefathers. When the human diet consisted primarily of raw meat, plants, tubers, and nuts, they were extremely valuable. 

Nowadays, many of us prepare our meals instead of consuming them raw. We slice, crush, and shred our food with cutlery rather than just our teeth. Due to this, our wisdom teeth are no longer necessary.

Signs That Your Child's Wisdom Teeth Should be Extracted

Typically dentists advise that kids between the ages of 16 and 19 get their wisdom teeth checked to see if they need to be removed. Having wisdom teeth removed doesn't have an optimal time. 

So if your child has them, should you remove them now or wait to see if problems develop? Unfortunately, that's not an easy decision. For example, if your children's wisdom teeth are still in, there are things to consider: the teeth might develop sideways or misshapen, causing severe difficulties.

When Your Wisdom Teeth Don't Get Pulled, What Happens?

Not all people require wisdom teeth extraction. If it is not done, issues may or may not arise. Most people have narrow mouths and jaws, preventing the third molars from correctly growing in. Overcrowding may develop if such teeth emerge. The teeth can begin to shift or overlap as a result of this. 

The bottom line is, if your children's teeth are causing them discomfort or pain, it may be necessary to eliminate these teeth.

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